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HB high temperature high speed bearing grease

Retail Price

¥ 438

Market price

¥ 460

Temperature range -30°C to 180°C


Key words:

HB high temperature high speed bearing grease

  • Specifications
    • 170kg
    • 15kg

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  • Product Description
    • Commodity ID: E106

    Performance characteristics
    This product has outstanding high temperature performance and excellent mechanical stability. The outstanding high temperature performance enables this product to withstand more demanding bearing high temperatures, and a certain extreme pressure capability enables this product to withstand higher loads. At the same time has good shear stability and thixotropy; has good water resistance and good protection performance.
    Scope of application
    It is suitable for the lubrication of automobile wheel hub bearings with high temperature, high speed, heavy load and long life, as well as the lubrication of airport spindle bearings, high speed textile machine bearings and cam mechanism, and can also be used for the lubrication of precision mechanical motion pairs.
    Temperature range
    -30 °c ~ 180 °c
    Executive standards
    Q/SHJG 1191-2022
    Packing specification


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