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BPS-M bearing grease

Retail Price

¥ 1258

Market price

¥ 1321

Temperature range -40°C to 180°C


Key words:

BPS-M bearing grease

  • Specifications
    • 15kg

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  • Product Description
    • Commodity ID: C002

    Performance characteristics
    Polyurea-based synthetic oil grease products have excellent high and low temperature lubrication performance, excellent high-speed resistance, long bearing life, and good water resistance and rust resistance. This product is equivalent to the Japanese Synergy Super-N grease.
    Scope of application
    It is suitable for rolling bearings in various motors, fans, electromagnetic clutches of automobile air conditioners, engine tensioners, alternators, automobile water pumps, household appliances and office equipment with an outer diameter of less than 140mm; various silent high-temperature motor bearings, high-temperature fan bearings; Long-life and life-long lubricated sealed bearings.
    Temperature range
    -40 °c ~ 180 °c
    Executive standards
    Q/SHJG 1055-2019
    Packing specification
    15Kg steel drum packaging 


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